Ryan Gosling Takes a Leisurely Stroll to the Venice Film Festival

Posted on August 29, 2018

If we’re being truthful about it, we very much miss the days when the Gosling dressed with a bit more of  a dandy’s flair. Somewhere about half-a-decade back or so, he made a vaguely hipster turn toward ugly prints and ’70s-style earth tones.

Like so:

It’s fine. Not quite to our tastes and certainly not the direction we’d have gone if anyone asked us ahead of time, but we’ve never found this Leisure Suit Larry look to be the best option for him. We’d ding him for looking a bit sloppy but he just got off a boat and he’s walking through a crowd, not posing on a red carpet. The only technical critique we have is with the foot wear. We can understand the gray as a way of picking up the colors of the shirt, but we’d have told him to go several shades darker than that. We’d have also asked him if he was nuts for thinking of wearing such a beatup pair of shoes to a film festival. Dark gray (and BRAND NEW) Chelsea boots would’ve been our rec.

But let’s be very clear here: the color of that suit is hideous.


[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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