RED CARPET SHOWDOWN OF THE WEEK: Thandie Newton vs. Heidi Klum

Posted on August 24, 2018

Kittens, we’re in the cicada days of a dying summer and that means virtually all of celebritydom is loath to do any work if they don’t have to. The style pickins have been slim all week and they’re just about non-existent as we head into the weekend. We’re gonna go off and record our podcast, but for now, here are two wildly different looks that may not be the highest of high fashion, but make for a fun little debate topic. Which of these admittedly glitzy or goofy frocks made for a more fashionable look?



T’s Pick: Thandie Newton in The Vampire’s Wife at the “Yardie” London Premiere.

T’s Defense: What the hell, I’ll go with this one. I have some issues with the muchness of it all, but she’s uniquely qualified to work one of these sorts of juvenile party dresses. If good style is about the right garment on the right person (and it is), then this is a great look by definition. She’s got the ability to make a look like this sing with chicness. I doubt there’s anyone who could make these items look as good as they do on her. 



Lo’s Pick: Heidi Klum in Naeem Khan at “America’s Got Talent” Season 13 Live Show Red Carpet.

Lo’s Defense: Then I’m going with the glamazon. It’s not something Anna Wintour would put on the cover of Vogue, but just like Thandie’s look, it’s about someone knowing what works best for her. A lot of celebrity women might come off tryhard in all these items, with her hair done up like Bardot. But for Heidi, this is a look she can work effortlessly and even make it seem a little fresh. It’s another classic example of the right look on the right woman.


Two bold defenses! Two wildly different looks! Now get in there and FIGHT!


Who won the red carpet showdown for the week of August 19th, 2018?

Thandie Newton in The Vampire’s Wife
Heidi Klum in Naeem Khan
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Style Credits:
Thandie Newton: The Vampire’s Wife Pink Lamé Fil Coupé Mini Cate Dress
Styled by Erin Walsh

Heidi Klum: Naeem Khan Embroidered Dress from the Fall 2018 Collection/em>
Styled by Rob Zangardi + Mariel Haenn


[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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