Pop Style Opinionfest: Witches and Good Wives, Suave Spies and Mouthy Models

Posted on August 24, 2018

Kittens, this week’s podcast is essentially modeled after the front page of this site, with separate convos touching on fashion, television, celebrity and movies. It was the kind of week in which something notable happened on all the T Lo fronts of coverage, so of course, we had to pour ourselves a couple of strong cups of coffee and get right down to it.

FASHION: Kendall Jenner shoots her mouth off, backtracks, fails to impress Lorenzo. Yes, the least emotive member of everyone’s favorite reality family said something dumb and privileged this week, leading Professor Lorenzo to school her on the ways of the fashion world and how hard most models have to work to stay ahead.

TELEVISION: Black-ish creator Kenya Barris is developing a multi-racial update of Bewitched and that leaves these two queens squealing over the possibilities. While we may have a few minor issues with how the reboot is being structured, we’re both in agreement that the basic setup of the show could be updated rather effortlessly for the modern day. We make tons of suggestions of course. Gladys Kravitz should absolutely be a bitchy gay man.

CELEBRITY: We’re blogger enough to admit when we may have gotten someone wrong and this week, it was Jennifer Garner who shut our mouths and showed us just how much of a quality human being  – and an amazing mother to her children – she is. Kudos and shoutouts to her.

MOVIES: We play a round of “Who should be the next James Bond?” Each of us chose our top three picks and then we hashed them out. One thing we forgot to mention in all our arguing over who picked whom: the one rule was that you couldn’t pick Henry Golding, because each of us wanted to put him on our list.






Basically, it’s an entire week of T Lo coverage, boiled down to one hour, with some extra bickering for spice. Grab a bowl and tuck in, kittens! And thank you, as always, for your support.


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