Pop Style Opinionfest: Listener Mailbag Extravaganza!

Posted on August 03, 2018

Kittens, for this week’s podcast we did something long overdue: we dove headfirst into our listener mailbag and FINALLY got back to answering your questions. And you guys always come up with fantastic ones! Here are the missives and queries we responded to this week:



“How come I see runway credit at the bottom of a red carpet post, telling me which collection the outfit came from, but you don’t have a picture of the item or you have a picture of something that looks a little like the red carpet look but has some glaring differences?”

I see celebrities of all of sudden wearing the same shoe or bag on the red carpet or on the street. Why is that?”

“This one’s for Tom: How do you feel about the news that Carrie Fisher will be appearing in episode 1x of Star Wars?

“WHY OH WHY are custom-made outfits usually so badly fitted on celebrities? You’d think customized pieces would look absolutely perfect on celebrities.”

“I know you gave your thoughts on the Aquaman and Shazam comic-con trailers, but I thought they looked pretty silly. Do you think DC really has a plan here or are they just throwing anything at the wall at this point?”

“Why are celebrities always wearing looks from the upcoming season/collections instead of the current one?”

What’s the difference between good branding/knowing your style vs. a fashion rut?


Heady and probing stuff, wouldn’t you agree? If you’ve ever listened to us at all, you’ll know we took the opportunity of each question to launch into a whole slew of tangents, on everything from the tenets of good style to the limits of superhero movies to the price points of luxury goods to the reminder that most celebrity red carpetry consists of tiny, thin people in tightly fitted clothing! Like a circus or something!




It’s all there once again, darlings. All the laughter, all the tears, all the opinions. And as always, we would be nothing without all your wonderful ears listening in. Thank you!


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