Pop Style Opinionfest: High-Wire Acts and Hype Machines

Posted on August 31, 2018

Kittens, we’re all OVER the map this week. As you can see from the above collage, we have a few things to say about another remake of that old classic, A Star is Born. We talk about whether or not it bothers us that this film keeps getting remade, the differences between the most well-known versions (and a quick aside about the 1937 original starring Janet Gaynor and why it tends to get left out of the conversation), the signature songs from the previous two versions (“The Man That Got Away” and “Evergreen”) and how they defined the films, the missing (and imaginary) 1994 version of the film, and how Gaga is really the only person suited to bring Esther Blodgett to life once again in 2018, and finally, the soon-to-be relentlessly nauseating PR push for the film.

PLUS: Louis C.K. metaphorically unzipped his pants in front of an unwilling audience again this week, prompting a T Lo round of opinions on the responsibility of allies to stand up when this happens, the idea of redemption and what it could mean for men accused of (and in this case, admitted to) serious charges of sexual harassment and assault to actually achieve it. SPOILER ALERT: We get a little ranty.

BUT BEFORE ALL THAT, we address the whereabouts of our Sharp Objects costume design posts, the first two of which were posted yesterday and then mysteriously disappeared. If you follow us on twitter (and shouldn’t you, kitten?) you might have gotten some of the story as to why, but we took the opportunity and privilege of our own platform to hash out what happened, why we don’t find it hard to respect why it happened, and most important, what kinds of high-wire acts are required of independent bloggers who write critically of pop culture and fashion. It’s a bit of a deep dive.

EDITED TO ADD: HBO contacted us, told us they love the costume posts too much to as k us to take them down, and gave us the go-ahead to continue! Victory for the little guys!



But chatty af, we promise! Anyway, it’s a range of topics, from the world of independent media to the importance of artistic integrity to the return of classic cinematic stories to the theaters and the highly unwelcome return of predatory men to the stage, we’ve got things to say about it all. Would you expect any less of us?

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[Photo Credit: IMDb]


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