Pop Style Opinionfest: “Crazy Rich Asians” and Mainstreaming Diversity

Posted on August 17, 2018

After our vacation, we’re tanned, well-rested and practically BURSTING with opinions, darlings!

First, we saw Crazy Rich Asians last night!

And holy cow, did we ever LOVE it. The last half of the podcast is a more or less gushing (but non-spoilery) review on the film’s merits and why it’s so exciting to have this moment of pop culture diversity and representation. Also the fashion LOTS of talk about the fashion. We dive a little into some of the criticisms of the film, including its somewhat tenuous claim to diversity while depicting the top .0001% spending insane amounts of money on themselves. This all ties in rather nicely with the conversation we had in the first half of the podcast, which was all about the controversies surrounding the casting of Jack Whitehall as a gay man in Disney’s Jungle Cruise and Ruby Rose (a lesbian) as a lesbian for The CW’s Batwoman. To perhaps no one’s surprise, T & Lo take slightly different approaches to the question of queer representation and how it should be policed and maintained.

But really, it’s mostly about the gowns and the hot Asian men.



It’s all there once again, darlings. All the laughter, all the tears, all the opinions. And as always, we would be nothing without all your wonderful ears listening in. Thank you!


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