Paris Jackson WERQs Her Gucci at the Michael Jackson Diamond Birthday Celebration

Posted on August 30, 2018


Because if there’s one thing we know in this world, it’s that when you do Gucci, you better just DO GUCCI.


Paris Jackson is Gucci as fuck.

This girl knows how to have fun with fashion and we kinda love her for it. Everything about this is completely extra and overdone. And we will cop to the thinking that it only works on someone young because anyone a few decades older is going to look like she’s at an Edina Monsoon convention. Incidentally, we’ve always maintained that Eddie didn’t necessarily wear terrible fashion (although she did a lot of the time) so much as she wore fashion that didn’t fit or suit her.

Anyway, we digress (fabulously). The point is, if you can’t dress Gucci af when you’re young, when can you? Let the girl have her fun, we say.




Style Credits:
Gucci Oversize T-shirt with Gucci Cities and Sequin-Embellished Tiger Detailing
Gucci Flower Print Pajama Pants

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages,,]

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