Lady Gaga Continues to Wander Paris Looking Chic and Photogenic

Posted on August 28, 2018

We’d love to sit here and smugly ask “Did we call this or what?” But anyone who stands up and says “We predict that Lady Gaga will engage in fashion-based promotional efforts the closer we get to the release of her remake of A Star is Born” is a fool for thinking they made some sort of incisive observation. In other words, who didn’t see this coming?


Yanking the coat open so you can see more of the outfit is such a Steffi thing. And by that we mean what we’ve always noted about her sidewalk sashays and red carpet efforts: Underneath the diva exterior is a slightly awkward art school student who let her drag queen friends pick her outfit. In other words, there has always been an undertone of amateurism and presentation to her street style. This is meant as absolutely nothing else but a compliment from us, in the sense that it has always indicated that there’s a real woman and artist underneath the exterior trappings; that she doesn’t have the pore-free perfection of a Vogue model or the dazzling confidence of a sex symbol. And not least in importance: that her street style is very much a costume and that these ensembles are akin to stagewear for her.

Having said that, these pieces all look a bit random and extremely uncomfortable for an August day in Paris.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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