Idris Elba is Not Going to Be James Bond and We’re Totally Okay With That

Posted on August 22, 2018

Give us a moment to put on our garbage-proof, flame-retardant protective suits and helmets before we begin.

The world – and by that we mean a vocal component of social media – has been begging for Idris Elba to be considered for the part of James Bond once Daniel Craig decides to shuffle off this particular immortal character’s coil. And it makes sense. He’s gorgeous, sexy, masculine in an old-school sense and English to the core. He would make a perfect representative figure of the next phase of heroic fiction; a very 21stC, global, diverse take on classic adventure heroes, as pre-figured by genre-redefining successes such as Black Panther, Wonder Woman and even Crazy Rich Asians.

But at the premiere of his directorial debut Yardie in London, a reporter asked him point blank if it was happening and he gave a firm “No.”

And for the first time, we were perfectly fine with that outcome. Why? Well, let’s just say he answered the question in more ways than one. Here he is at the premiere:


This is pretty much how Idris dress for most premieres, promotional events and talk show appearances. It’s appropriate enough for this venue, given his role and the subject matter of the film, but it suddenly occurred to us that this is how he would dress while poledancing for his James Bond film. We’d have no reason to think otherwise, given it’s how he dresses all the time. There might be an effort to shove him into fine English suiting and formalwear for the big promo events, but like most men who live in casual and active wear, his discomfort for anything dressy would be palpable. As much as we loved the idea of him, we don’t think he’s right for Bond, we’re afraid.

No, the world deserves a Bond who can make a dinner jacket seems as effortless as a hoodie. And we all know that man is Henry Golding. Let’s all make that happen.




[Photo Credit: INSTARImages – Video Credit: ONE Media via]

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