Henry Golding in Tom Ford at the “Crazy Rich Asians” Singapore Premiere

Posted on August 22, 2018

It’s time for more self-care, T Lo style. The world has once again gotten very weird, tense and complicated from our view outside the grand windows of T Lo Manor, darlings. Pour yourself something warm and soothing, or cold and bracing, if that curls your hair. We’re not here to judge you, kittens. We’re here to ease you into the day with a stunning man to sigh over. Once again, Henry has bravely offered his services.


Your next James Bond.

In fashion commentary matters, we’ll note that he and his style team seem to have a very good handle on his particular appeal and how to render it. He was born to wear classic, mid-Century styles with a little bit of glam to them and that’s exactly what he’s been doing throughout this tour. Contrast this with someone like Outlander’s Sam Heughan who never figured out how to translate his sex appeal to his style choices. With male sex symbols, the style rules are exactly the same as those for female sex symbols: Lean into the look that makes the most pants move/skirts twirl.

Put a pin in that idea, because we’re going to use it to offer a somewhat controversial opinion on a different male star in a bit.


Style Credits:
Tom Ford Pink Jacquard Atticus Cocktail Jacket


[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, tomford.com]

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