Henry Golding Gets It All Right at the “Crazy Rich Asians” Screening

Posted on August 14, 2018


Our faux cheeriness is merely a mask to cover our frustration that the celebrity/fashion/pop culture front is a BARREN WASTELAND this fine morning. Everyone’s off sucking up the last of summer, it would seem. Fortunately, we have something beautiful and well-dressed to calm our nerves and ease us into this scary new world.

Henry, please step forward so we can all soothe ourselves.


That will do QUITE nicely.

Rampant objectification aside, it really is a fabulously stylish ensemble. You never see male stars opt for lightweight summer knits for their promo appearances, possibly because they can be HELLACIOUSLY unflattering if you do it wrong. In practical terms, in case you’re wondering what “doing it wrong” means in this case, we’ll point out what Henry’s doing right. First, it skims his chest enough to show it off without giving us a nipple show. Second, the satanically unflattering ribbed waistband is the right proportion and size for him, defining his waist without giving him the illusion of spillover belly and/or love handles. The colors are flattering and he wisely chose to go tone-on-tone with the pants choice, which gives him a very stylish, put-together feel. Well-done casual menswear for the poledance. More of this, male stars.


[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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