“Crazy Rich Asians” Star Michelle Yeoh Dials it Back a Little at SiriusXM: IN or OUT?

Posted on August 16, 2018

We could’ve done a group post on the cast’s appearance here, but we loved Henry’s and Awkwafina’s looks so much that we wanted to give them their own spot. Miss Michelle opted for something a lot less… notable, shall we say, which is why we’re going to turn the assessing of this one over to you. You be the bitches for once.


Aw, we’re just joking. There’s no need to be bitches about this. It’s pretty and tasteful and flattering. On a technical level, we question whether the shoe style or color is the best choice, but for the most part, we’d call this a perfectly fine outfit. It’s just that …

Okay, fine. We’ll continue to be the bitches. We’re just a little bored and disappointed by it.  There. We said it.

Everyone – including Michelle – has really been bringing their fashion A game to their appearances. This is fine enough. We got addicted to all the fashion drama coming from this cast and now we’re jonesing for a fix. Are we so wrong? Not a rhetorical question:

Michelle Yeoh’s Dial-back Dress:

IN or OUT?




[Photo Credit: SiriusXM]

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