“Crazy Rich Asians” Los Angeles Premiere Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on August 08, 2018

Kittens, we’ve checked in on (and assessed) some of the standout looks on this red carpet, but the fact of the matter is, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to give all these fine folks and their even finer fashion choices the spotlight. Prepare to be bombarded with fabulousness. Also, a little cray.



Carmen Soo in Melinda Looi Couture

This would be the cray part.

We certainly don’t mind some off-the-beaten-track fashion at an event celebrating cultures and actors who don’t normally get this kind of high-level attention from Hollywood, much in the same way the Black Panther cast took their moment to unleash some truly eye-popping lewks on the world. But this is impossible for us to like. The color story is drab and there are simply too many elements to make any sense of the dress. Overdesigned to an extreme level, we’re afraid.


Chloe Bennet in Tadashi Shoji

It’s high-impact and the color looks great on her, but the design of that bodice is extremely unflattering and does weird things to her bust. And the shoes do absolutely nothing for the look.


Constance Lau in Time Taken to Make a Dress

This is both cray and fabulous at the same time. While we don’t love it in the conventional sense, we appreciate it for being a slightly modern take on Chinoiserie styles while also serving as catnip to photographers and fashion writers.



Daniel Dae Kim

Love the look, even though it’s slightly too casual, slightly too tight, and could use an undershirt to complete it.


Gemma Chan in Oscar de la Renta

Gorgeous. We’d have called it flawless but we don’t think the bag goes with the look all that well.


Harry Shum Jr.

So nice to see male stars indulge in some fun and light summer suiting instead of defaulting to business-like hues. Much as we love the shoes, they don’t go with the suit.


Henry Golding in Tom Ford

He looks like a ’50s Hollywood male pinup in the Tab Hunter mode, if the actual ’50s hadn’t been quite so conformist and racist. Our only quibble is that the jacket is a little too snug.


Pierre Png

If he did up a couple buttons on his shirt, we might have loved this a bit more. It’s a little hard to tell with his hands in his pockets – something you should absolutely NEVER do while wearing a buttoned double-breasted jacket, but we think the jacket might be a little short on him.


Randall Park

Another fairly cute summer suit that could use a little tailoring help and should be buttoned up. It was a theme apparently.


Ross Butler

Cute, but the shoes don’t go at all.


Sonoya Mizuno

Tiers and fringe were recurring elements on this red carpet as well. We don’t normally love ruffled tiers, but this looks pretty great on her.


Victoria Loke in Preen

Sort of pretty, but that’s a really rough color to pull off and the skirt design feels a bit unresolved.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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