“Crazy Rich Asians” Star Awkwafina Makes an Impression in Valentino on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Posted on August 13, 2018

Miss Woman is taking this moment and really running with it. There’s nothing these two mouthy queens love to see more than a ladystar who senses a big career push on the horizon and turns to the world of fashion to provide her with a strong set of promotional tools. What can we say? Our tastes for entertainment are specific.

Anyway, we feel like her fashion work on this promo tour is a result of her initial foray into high-level red carpetry with Ocean’s 8 earlier this year. She came out with some strong looks for that tour, but she opted for looks we’d call a lot quirkier than what she’s sporting for this tour. A tip of the hat to her character in that film or a practical response to the high glam and diva stunts of such red carpet queens as Blanchett, Hathaway and Bullock? Either way, it speaks well of her and her team that they’re making such strongly declarative style choices based on the project she’s promoting.



Which isn’t to say that a look like this lacks quirkiness. It definitely lands a bit off the beaten path, if for no other reason than the over-the-top branding exercise of sporting a design house’s name from head to toe. Put bluntly, that sort of ostentatious label-slinging can come off a bit aggressive at times, but when you think of the project she’s promoting, which showcases the lifestyles of the rich and Asian and puts a high premium on glamour and wealth displays, it makes pretty good sense. If nothing else, it’s memorable. And besides, she’s got the kind of fun, down-to-earth persona that makes it all seem like a lark and a kick.

We honestly can’t say we love the design, but she’s making it work for her, it’s hard to forget, and it represents the project she’s promoting fairly well. It’s a win.





Style Credits:
Valentino Long-sleeve Dress

Styled by Avo Yermagyan | Hair by Bobby Eliot | Makeup by Kirin Bhatty

[Photo Credit: ABC/Randy Holmes – Video Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live via YouTube.com]

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