Anna Kendrick Underplays it Again at the Cocktail Party to Celebrate “A Simple Favor”

Posted on August 20, 2018


We’re not just typing “sigh” here. We’re really sighing, darlings. We have nothing personal against Miss Anna. It’s just that her style choices are always so …


Sigh-worthy, we guess.

It’s not that this is terrible (although maybe you should put a pin in that) so much that it’s weirdly drab and almost wallflower-ish in tone. We realize not every celebrity woman is inclined to step out looking like a magazine cover or a drag queen to promote her work, but you have to figure if you’re sharing the promotional tour with Miss Blake “No Less Than Six Outfits Per Day” Lively, you better pick at least a few head-turning looks, lest you come off looking like the third-billed character actress instead of the co-star. This is your movie, girl. We’re all here to celebrate the opening of YOUR MOVIE.

Putting aside complaints that the look is too low-key and un-memorable, it’s also kind of drab and borderline-ugly, no? You wouldn’t think a beaded-rose floral in black and gold would be difficult to pull off, but this has such a flat, muddy effect. It’s not helped by the shape or style, both of which are fairly generic, as are the Nudist-style sandals and nearly invisible clutch. We don’t love the frock, but we’re thinking a considerable amount of shine and sparkle in the accessories – along with a total rethink of the head-styling, skewing toward a more dramatic, night-time tone – and this might actually work. But it’s not the kind of dress that you can rest on. If it can work at all, it needs more than a little coaxing.





[Photo Credit: INSTARImages – Video Credit: Lionsgate Movies via]

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