Red Carpet Rundown: A Whole Bunch of LadyStars Came Out to Celebrate Beauty at the Violet Grey Party

Posted on July 12, 2018

Because dammit, beauty just isn’t celebrated enough, kittens.



Alice Eve

A little bit of light Bardot cosplay in the afternoon. We can’t say it’s a bad choice for her, but the skirt and top are both kind of stiff-looking and the shoes are just a bit too heavy. Not really loving that color or print either.


Emma Roberts

Unexpectedly dramatic. Maybe just a bit too nighttime in tone. And the shoes don’t go at all. Despite the quibbles it’s not a bad look at all.


Emmy Rossum in Carolina Herrera

Can’t really argue with any of that. She looks great.


Jaime King

Those who hang onto our every word know that we aren’t inclined to love – or even like –  an overdesigned black lace dress. And those people will be happy to know that we are continuing that streak with this one. But we’ll say this: given her knack and preferences for wearing somewhat overwrought fashion, this comes pretty close to working.


January Jones

Honey, no. We had some fun looking at your tacky retro cosplay yesterday, but you look like you run a beauty salon out of a trailer.


Lena Dunham



Melanie Griffith

Miss Melanie, that’s a great little frock for you, even if we think it’s got about three too many prints and a wholly unnecessary bit of foofaraw at the hem. Somehow, the frantic qualities of it really work for you. The scary aviators and clunky-ass shoes, however, do not.


[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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