Style File: Taylor Swift Hits The Sidewalks Of New York, Trying to Look Like a Normie

Posted on July 23, 2018

Let’s take a short break from all that west coast-based nerd coverage to head back east for a bit and judge a pop princess who’s demonstrating a fresh new commitment to her sidewalk game. Miss Tay has been busy, you guys:



Scroll down to the bottom of this post to check all the labels Miss Girl has been sporting this week. Why? Because her fresh new take entails her going out in lewks that come off thrown together and relatably aspiration but are, in fact, extremely curated and far pricier than they appear. No crime in that, but it’s worth noting what’s going on in these shots. This isn’t a Rihanna-like mastery of hi-lo fashion, where expensive items are paired with humble, low-priced pieces in order to make the juxtaposition stand out. This is all high-end stuff masquerading as low end.

Anyway, she looks cute, even if we think she’s once again picked the wrong footwear for her outfit.






We’re just saying. She may look like an everyday tourist or college student about town, but this is all borderline deceptive in its style. Not that we think anyone should expect her to shop at Marshall’s or anything; just that there’s something a little cynical about consistently going out in ensembles that are curated to look relatable but cost about the same as a car.



This isn’t suffering as much from that same, frantic “I’M A TOTALLY RELATABLE 20-SOMETHING GIRL” tone of her previous two outfits, but it does have that HIGHLARIOUS Taylor Swift signature of looking completely random. Nothing truly goes with anything else and every aspect of the look, from the braids to the sandals, is eye-catching enough on its own that it all combines into style cacophony. The Princess of Extra strikes again.





Style Credits:
First Look: Unravel Project Resort 2019 Shirt | Gucci Embellished Distressed Denim Shorts | Tommy Hilfiger Turnlock Tweed Crossbody Bag | Tod’s Stitched Ankle Boots
Second Look: Balenciaga New York Hoodie | Alexander Wang Frayed Shorts | Christian Louboutin Backloubi Small Spike Embellished Backpack | Giuseppe Zanotti Austin Pony Fur Boots
Third Look: Versace Greek Key Sports Bra | IRO Lace Top | R13 Distressed Leopard Print Skirt | Fendi Octagonal Polarized Metal Sunglasses | Stella McCartney Falabella Backpack | Saint Laurent ‘Babies Studded Sandal

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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