The San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on July 23, 2018

Kittens, let’s tear our way through a whole weekend’s worth of poledancing-for-the-nerds celebrity fashion, shall we?



Ashleigh Murray

LOVE this – top to bottom. We know some of y’all will get a little annoyed with all the rips in her jeans, but they’re not enough for us to get annoyed about, especially since the top is so cute.

Aubrey Joseph and Olivia Holt

Cute enough. Can’t say his look is setting us on fire, but it doesn’t have to. We kinda dig her pantsuit/tracksuit hybrid, but it doesn’t feel like it was styled to its best effect.

Camila Mendes

The kicks make us want to like this, but that blouse is too puffy-ruffled and the finish on that skirt is hideous.



Casey Cott

Also cute enough.

Chloe Bennet

It’s got a little bit of a Deranged Stewardess vibe to it, but that isn’t the worst way to go for Comic-Con.

Cole Sprouse



Colton Haynes and Stephen Amell

Also cute (if a little messy).


D’Arcy Carden

Fun Fact: Janet is hot.



Grant Gustin

Pretty sure he’s worn this exact outfit at about 10,000 red carpets and promotional events over the last five years. It’s way past time to stop dressing like a 12-year-old, Grant.

Hailee Steinfeld

That is a total Nana Suit, but we think she could’ve taken it somewhere fun with a pair of kicks and graphic tee instead of the pumps and the plain white top.



Jameela Jamil

It’s very Minnie Mouse, which we might normally consider not a great sort of look for a red carpet, but this kind of boldly simple graphic is just right for Comic-Con weekend. Should’ve gone for red or yellow pumps.

Jodie Whittaker

Doctor, you had us until we got to the footwear.

She’s having so much fun with this whole Doctor Who thing that it’s kind of infectious.



KJ Apa

It works. It’s not memorable and it’s not the best style for him, but it’s certainly venue-appropriate and we can’t say he doesn’t look cute

Kristen Bell

You deserve better than this cheap realtor’s suit, dear.

Lili Reinhart

She worked some seriously old-school Hollywood style looks this weekend. This is well done and we can’t say she looks bad, but this style on a blonde white gal of ingenue age is … not exactly fresh. There are better ways to go, Lili.

Madelaine Petsch

We can forgive the mesh top and public bra, partially because this isn’t exactly a time or place to get fussy and judgy about things like elegance, partially because despite the mesh and bra, she’s pretty demurely covered, and partially because that’s a gorgeous denim skirt that helps elevate the look. Still, it deserves a much better top half – and better shoes, while we’re at it. We like the skirt and nothing else, is what we’re saying.

Melissa Benoist

Too precious – and the sandals really don’t go with it.

Rebecca Romijn

If the sleeves were much smaller and fitted better – little cap sleeves, basically – we’d love this.

Riz Ahmed

Meh. You’re too cute to look so generic, Riz.

Ted Danson

Professor Ted is here and he’s looking good.


[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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