Rita Ora Starts Her Own Parade as She Leaves Her Hotel in Manchester, UK

Posted on July 16, 2018

Oh no. We probably should’ve seen this coming, but after getting called out so many times for the Bey and Ri cosplay, it would appear that Miss Rita has now moved on to …



Gaga-style WTFery.

Granted, this isn’t Steffi drag, but it’s of a piece with the whole “I need to step out of my hotel wearing something ridiculous so the paps can get a shot” school of promotional style, which is very much Gaga’s sort of thing. We don’t know what the hell’s going on with that weird bra/flotation device nonsense she’s sporting and you know what? We don’t WANT to know. In other words, put more succinctly, we’re one big GURL PLEASE gif in response to all of the above.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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