Pop Style Opinionfest: Gunning for Twitter

Posted on July 27, 2018

OF COURSE we had to devote a good chunk of time to discussing the season finale of POSE, kittens. The show wrapped up its first season not knowing if there would be a second and wound up silencing us on pretty much every criticism we had throughout the season. What bugged us most turned out to be features or deliberate choices. While we can’t claim it was a perfect season of television by any stretch, it nonetheless ended its first stretch of episodes so well, in such an emotionally satisfying and thematically perfect manner, that we’d urge anyone to make their way through the show just to get to the payoff.

But before we talk about all THAT, we dove pretty deep into the world of the twitters and how several developments over the last several months have intersected with our entertainment, our political worlds, and our very ideas about community, privacy, and agency. Yes, it’s some heady-ass stuff, but don’t worry, it’s all said in our cartoon voices, so it sounds cute and funny, like we sucked on helium or something.

Kidding aside, James Gunn, the director of the Guardians of the Galaxy films for Marvel studios, was targeted by alt-right provocateurs and propagandists this week, partially as payback for Roseanne’s firing by Disney and partially because Gunn has been a vocal critic of politics and political figures from a left-wing perspective. WAY too many edgily shocking tweets were put out by him nearly a decade ago, before his success and fame (and presumably, before he had a better understanding of social media) in which he made jokes about rape and pedophilia. Disney fired him, the alt-right cheered their victory, and many on the left and in the entertainment industry struggled to find a way to voice their outrage without sounding like they’re defending pedophile jokes.

Yes. We dive into all THAT. How Generation X is going to have to eventually come to terms with its own cynical, irony-heavy past and how badly some of the stuff we all found funny or acceptable back then may have aged by now. How social media is now fully weaponized and politicized and how dangerous that is for our culture. How social media firestorms like #PermitPatty and #planebae play into these ideas and how each and every user of social media is going to have to come to terms with how they want to use it as viewed through the lens of how it can be used against them. We’re all susceptible to it. And the Roseanne connection is spurious at best.




But we promise it’s all fun and lighthearted, darlings! We don’t even bicker that much! No, really. While the conversation touches on some deeper ideas about politics and culture, it’s actually a pretty light and free-wheeling exchange as we hash out our thoughts with the mics flipped on.

As always, we can’t thank you guys enough for your support week in and week out. Don’t forget to tell all your friends and enemies about us!

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