Pop Style Opinionfest: Deep Dives and Director’s Cuts

Posted on July 20, 2018

Once again, we are all over the map this week, but that’s to be expected at this time of year, when all the pop culture and fashion stories seem to be short and fleeting, or previews to upcoming projects.

First, a little check in with the Queen, as we discuss the news that she wore a brooch that was given to her as a personal gift from the Obamas when she met Donald Trump this week. We are, of course, bowing down to the supreme shade-thrower of all time. We talk a bit about why she’s so good at sending these little messages but also how the royal-watching press tends to wildly overstate them. She mainly restricts her message-sending and symbolism to her choice of jewelry, as she has done for most of her public life.

This naturally leads to a deeper discussion of the new images of Helena Bonham Carter and Olivia Colman as Princess Margaret and the Queen for season 3 of The Crown. We stan, of course.

Next, we talk about the ESPY Awards and why the menswear side of the fashion world has recently discovered the male athlete and how they can be as slickly utilized for branding purposes as any up-and-coming Hollywood starlet.

Of course we have a few moments devoted to POSE, which Lorenzo still loves unreservedly, and Sharp Objects, the costumes of which are so evocative and so character-building that we absolutely cannot wait to dive in on a deep analysis.

And speaking of costumes – and a way to segue into a brief discussion of Comic-Con – Tom took a moment to get nerdy and talk about the redesign of She-Ra, Princess of Power, for her new series on Netflix (see above, of course). This became something of a kerfuffle when the male nerdbase got itself all worked up over the idea that their former cartoon wank-Barbie now looks like she can kick their asses, so they started screaming and making a fuss, as the male nerdbase tends to do every time it suspects it’s not being catered to. Obviously, we’re not paying their complaints the respect they no doubt feel they deserve, but here’s the thing…  We hate the costume, too. You’ll have to listen in to hear why!

Also: we hate hearing about Mamma Mia!





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