Pop Style Opinionfest: A Summer Pod-Pourri!

Posted on July 13, 2018

We’re BACK, darlings! Did you miss us? We missed the opportunity to chat about all things pop and style with you, but last week left us with so little to discuss that we opted to skip the convo until we had something worthy to say. Because remember: the key to sounding smart is to shut up when you don’t have anything worthy to say. This advice presupposes that we occasionally sound smart, which is a theory that hasn’t come close to being proven definitively.


This week saw a whole bunch of topics for us to run down; a veritable POD-POURRI, if you will. Not only do we get all excited about the news of a Downton Abbey movie starting up later this summer, but we also take this opportunity to hash out Meghan Markle’s style issues and why she needs to stop being so timid, along with a few minutes yelling at Henry Cavill for being an idiot, more than a few minutes outlining both the good and bad parts of POSE on FX and why we still think its worthy of your time, flaws and all, plus all the snubs and disappointments of the Emmy nominations, and a loving and respectful tip of the hat to Mr. Tab Hunter, who joined that great big Hollywood party in the sky this week.




See? We told you it was a lot! Dive right in for opinions galore, kittens. And thank you once again for all your support.


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