Felicity Jones is Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the Just-Dropped Trailer for “On the Basis of Sex”

Posted on July 16, 2018

This was a pleasant surprise. We knew this film was on the way, but this trailer sold it better than we could have predicted:




Several thoughts occur at once: First, the costume design is first-rate and takes the viewer right to a specific time and place. Also, Felicity looks great in the RBG drag. Second, it is truly a great thing to see two male actors of some note basically treated like eye candy or backup singers in a trailer about an important woman. Third, and on a related note: We feel like Armie Hammer is making some questionable career decisions. This looks like a great film and one for any actor to be proud of, but he’s quickly become the go-to guy when Hollywood needs a dreamy golden boy type for a period piece. After awhile, the roles all tend to blur together. Fourth, who cares about the actors because Miss Felicity is SERVING IT. This actually looks pretty amazing, even if it feels like a somewhat cynical way to tap into the current political zeitgeist.



We may not be there on opening day, but we’ll definitely be catching this one early.


Her story made history. Felicity Jones is Ruth Bader Ginsburg in “On The Basis of Sex” – in theaters this Christmas.

The film tells an inspiring and spirited true story that follows young lawyer Ruth Bader Ginsburg as she teams with her husband Marty to bring a groundbreaking case before the U.S. Court of Appeals and overturn a century of gender discrimination. The feature will premiere in 2018 in line with Justice Ginsburg’s 25th anniversary on the Supreme Court.

[Photo Credit: Focus Features via Tom and Lorenzo – Video Credit: Focus Features via YouTube.com]

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