Red Carpet Rundown: The “Mission Impossible: Fallout” Paris Premiere

Posted on July 13, 2018

We hgave to say that the Eiffel Tower backdrop makes this one of the most dramatic red carpets we think we’ve ever covered. More landmarks in the background, we say. Start staging these things right under the Hollywood sign or the Statue of Liberty. It’s a lot more photogenic than standing in front of a logo for bottled water or a credit card.

Anyway, let’s judge these surprisingly well-dressed folks.



Michelle Monaghan in Valentino

Perfect example of someone benefiting from the backdrop, which is making this gown look dramatic and unusual, even though the bust is too small, the eyelet effect is too large and it’s all way too precious and twee for our tastes. Kind of an odd choice for this kind of film premiere, but it photographs better than it probably should.


Tom Cruise in Dior Homme

Credit where it’s due: we can remember a time when he worked very hard to look like he didn’t care how he looked. He may be fighting the idea of aging as hard as he can but at least he recognizes that an increased sense of style if not formality would be to his benefit. He looks pretty great.


Simon Pegg

Credit where it’s due, part 2: Also not setting the world on fire with his bold style choices, but this is impressively impeccable and downright elegant, which are two words we’d never have used to describe his style before. The grooming, fit and shades are all perfect.


Vanessa Kirby in Prada

We keep wanting to say something critical about the bust, which might be a little overdesigned, but we can’t really bring ourselves to commit to it, because this is all working pretty well for her. It’s a surprisingly low-key sort of Prada, but it looks pretty striking on her. Unfortunately, the hair and makeup are both kind of harsh. She needed to go much softer for this dress.


[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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