Red Carpet Rundown: The Stars of “Mission Impossible: Fallout” at the London Premiere

Posted on July 16, 2018

The stars of that little action flick came out again to poledance for tickets and dammit, they didn’t give us much to talk about. They had to go and be all “professional” and “appropriate” about it. Hmph.



Henry Cavill

Still can’t deal with his big dumb face after those big dumb comments of last week. Also, he seems to have completely forgotten how to dress his swole body, because he’s been nothing but fit issues lately. We don’t love his predilection for three-piece suits without a tie, but we’d be more accepting if the suits fit and they weren’t so shiny.



Rebecca Ferguson in Celia Kritharioti

It’s not exactly lighting our world on fire, but the turnaround reveal is a nice touch and the shoes are well-chosen to play into the effect. But from the front, it’s pretty plain, even with all the sparkle. We think she’s capable of much more drama than this.

Simon Pegg

Not sure we’re feeling the white dinner jacket (which is a bit oddly fitted) with a black shirt and what look to us like less-than-formal pants, but we’re still impressed by how dramatically his style has improved recently. He’s become quite elegant all of a sudden.



Tom Cruise

Can’t really argue with any of this. It’s old-school and somewhat conservative in style, but so is he.



Vanessa Kirby in Tom Ford

The gold chains really make this look because without them, we might have dinged it for being a bit too dull. But that probably wouldn’t have been very fair. She’s giving us Hollywood Siren and that doesn’t really call for high fashion. Just a slinky gown that looks great in pictures. We’d say she nailed it.

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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