Red Carpet Rundown: The “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again” London Premiere

Posted on July 17, 2018

We’ve taken a look at the style efforts of some of the big names in the cast as well as some of the more notable attendee looks on this red carpet, but don’t take this rundown as a backhanded assessment that the following array of style choices didn’t rate an individual spotlight. On the contrary; this red carpet was so chock full of pretty people in surprisingly chic looks that we’d be here all night if we tried to give each of them the loving attention they deserve. To our great and pleasant surprise, the boys really stepped up; possibly because they knew the gays and the ladies would be scrutinizing them more keenly than normal.



Alexa Davies in Caroline Castigliano

While we might quibble with the silhouette or the pale color, there’s no denying the gorgeousness of that hem, which totally makes the look.



Christine Baranski in Balmain

Slinky, sexy, and soignée as fuck. Miss Christine Baranski, ladies and gays.



Colin Firth

Can’t argue with any of this (but we’d love to see him get away from businessman colors).



Dominic Cooper

We would love to focus on his fine summer suiting and fun socks, but unfortunately, his Bert-and-Ernie hair, not to mention the wholly bizarre orange dye on his forehead, overwhelms any fashion considerations. Seriously, what is going on there?



Hugh Skinner in Paul Smith

The sleeves are a little long and we’d have rec’d a lightweight summer shoe, but he still looks pretty adorable.



Jeremy Irvine

Dull, but impeccable. And cute.



Jessica Keenan Wynn in Cristina Ottaviano

Tricky, folded-napkin busts tend to look awkward to our eyes, but this is pretty damn spectacular.



Josh Dylan

Really cute. We have to say, they did a fantastic job of casting the younger versions of the original male characters. There’s no question who’s playing who.



Pierce Brosnan

One of the things we always find kind of charming about Pierce Brosnan is that he’s a very personable man who has epic Resting Bitch Face.

A blue suit with a white shirt and no tie just screams “Happy Hour” or the end of a wedding reception.



Stellan Skarsgård

Looks good, but it’s a shame so many of these guys showed up in navy blue suits.



Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

While it’s true that Tom and Rita are always up for a party, they’re here because they’re executive producers on the film, as they were on the original. We don’t get his sleeve situation, but they’re doing alright. Rita’s dress is kind of great, but we hate the lace hem, which doesn’t seem to go with the style at all.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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