Keanu Reeves at the”Siberia” New York Premiere

Posted on July 12, 2018

And now for a change of pace. We figure we’ve given you a decent dosage of huge, strapping, charming men in summer suits this week (and truth be told, there’s more Rock in the pipeline, which sounds like a sexual term but in this case is only one tangentially), so to switch things up and amuse all your bouches, here’s sweaty Keanu, not really caring:


Look, we get that this sort of thing isn’t his bag, but he literally looks like he’s in the throes of a panic attack here. Publicists are better off finding other ways to let him sell his wares. Get him off the red carpet.





When you pause a trailer halfway through because it feels like it’s been going on forever, you can rest assured that no more time, money or attention need be further paid to it. That looks positively lifeless.

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages – Video Credit: IGN via]

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