“Mission Impossible: Fallout” Star Henry Cavill Disappoints Us Once Again, on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Posted on July 27, 2018

And now, Mr. Brick-in-a-Suit, which almost sounds hot, but really just means he chooses unflattering styles and wears them rather dully. Also, he’s built like a brick, so there’s that.



We get that he’s big and hot and manly. We certainly have no complaints about any of that, but you can look at someone like Dwayne Johnson to see it’s not impossible to fit a huge man into a well-cut suit, or you could just look at his film costumes for his Mission Impossible or Man from UNCLE characters to see that a little bit of planning and a talented tailor can make him look stunning in standard menswear.

It doesn’t help, in our opinion, that he chooses these sort of musty-looking styles that don’t suit him. Big men like him should be very careful about picking plaid suits, which generally tend to look better in slim cut styles. And he sure does love to leave multiple buttons undone on his shirt, which could possibly be considered reasonable given how much time and effort has been put into his chest, but even we have to admit it can come off a bit sleazy.

We guess our main point is that we find him a bit frustrating. Gorgeous, and clearly interested enough in fashion as a promotional tool to make the attempt to look good, but he never truly picks anything that plays to his strengths, except when he was promoting Man of Steel in all those gorgeous, broad-chested Tom Ford suits. We suppose the look is a bit to on-the-nose as Clark Kent cosplay, but when something suits you, it suits you, dammit. Pun intended, of course.





[Photo Credit: ABC/Randy Holmes – Video Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live! via YouTube.com]

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