Friday Leftovers for the Week of July 1st, 2018

Posted on July 06, 2018

Darlings, let’s close out the WORST RED CARPET WEEK OF THE YEAR (as it is every year) with some surprisingly not-terrible looks, mostly courtesy of the Paris shows.



Amber Heard in Valentino

Great color, great print, HORRIFYING FOOTWEAR CHOICE. Girl, what?

Andy Samberg

Not exactly high-effort, but he looks casual-cute.



Anya Taylor-Joy in Schiaparelli

Pretty damn fabulous. That can’t be any easy garment to pull off, but she’s really making it work.



Elizabeth Debicki in Armani

Yikes. That is one hiddy top.



Emma Roberts in Christian Dior

We’re surprised to find ourselves liking this quite a bit for her. A slightly richer color would’ve been better.



Emma Thompson

This woman couldn’t care less about posing to show off her outfit and despite making it our life’s work to critique such things, we’ve gotta respect that. Besides, she looks fine.



Isabelle Huppert in Armani

Why did Dior put everyone in black and then pose them in front of a black backdrop? From what little we can see, this looks okay.



Kathryn Hahn in Michael Kors Collection

That’s a surprisingly great suit. We don’t mean to sound so back-handed in our praise, but she doesn’t always get it right. The black accessories are a little too serious and business-like.



Katie Holmes in Christian Dior

Another really cute Dior look that surprises us. As with Emma Roberts, we wouldn’t have thought we’d like this style on her as much as we do. We don’t love the shoes, but we suspect a lot of y’all are going to disagree with us on that point.



Mandy Moore in Christian Dior

Trust Mandy to snag the goofiest Dior ensemble she could find.



Mandy Moore in Schiaparelli

Much better. Granted, it’s helped by the backdrop and the fact that it’s so simple in design, but she really looks great in this style and color.




Natalie Dormer in Hellessy

Really cute summer day look, well accessorized. The top’s a little too fussy, but since the rest of it is so played down, it works.



Natalie Dormer

This one, not so much. It has possibilities, but right now it just looks like Isabelle Huppert cosplay.

Patricia Clarkson in Stella McCartney

You had us until we got to the shoes, dear.



Sofia Boutella in Christian Dior

It’s so weird. All of these frilly, colorless Dior dresses – exactly the kind of dresses we tend to not love all that much – look great on these women. Are we just being kind? Have we been worn down? Are these dresses particularly good or are they just well suited to the wearers?



Zoey Deutch in Christian Dior

A bit heavy for summer in Paris and we’re not at all in love with the top half, but that skirt is a stunner.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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