Entertainment Weekly’s Comic-Con Bash Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on July 23, 2018

Introductory words go here, darlings! Now let’s get to judging:


Amandla Stenberg

Amandla, we love just about everything we’re seeing here, from the gorgeous hair, to the crisply chic dress to the colorful but elegant pumps. We say “just about everything” because you appear to have a set of mini-blinds hanging off your skirt and that’s going to need to be corrected, dear.

Anya Taylor-Joy

Literal, verbatim T Lo reaction:

“Oh, Jesus.”

“No. Absolutely not.”



Brandon Routh

Cute and dorky but perhaps a skosh underdressed for an EW party, Comic-Con setting or not.

Caity Lotz

Surprisingly chic. Until you get to her feet, that is. Both the shoes and the pedi need to be reconsidered.

Camila Mendes


Wearing a set of pajamas in public and undoing the buttons over your stomach like you discovered a chic new way of wearing them is the kind of thing that makes people wonder about your mental status. That whole waist/crotch area is giving us migraines as we try and figure it out.



Chloe Bennett

We’re pretty okay with ’80s styles making their return for The Youngs to get their crack at them, but we can’t OH HELL NO this look strongly enough. Rip off the sleeve and we’ll talk, but even then, this is way too Barbie Girl for us.

Cole Sprouse

The pieces seem a little randomly chosen and the jacket is a bit blocky, but he looks pretty cute and stylish.


Jamie Chung

We’re impressed by Miss Girl’s commitment to fabulosity, but the fussiness factor is simply overwhelming. Someone convinced you that a sheer umbrella blossoming on your boobs was going to be just the thing, but they lied to you, Jamie. THEY LIED.

Jodie Whittaker

Great color, great dress (maybe a little tight in the bust, though). We’re loving having a version of The Doctor who can rock a red carpet.



Kat Graham

This garment isn’t just fussy, it’s positively fungal.

Lili Reinhart

A bit too “Barbie at the prom” for us.

Mädchen Amick

We love that she’s really in the spirit of things, offering up a look that’s quirky and graphic and anything but generic. It’s fun, but we still think it could use an edit or two. It’s the top that bugs the most. The shape is a bit much paired with that skirt, which could use a little color and contrast to help it stand out.



Madelaine Petsch

Well, it’s definitely a look. Believe it or not, we mostly like this, but the bust is too tight and the pumps should be pink, we think.

Zachary Levi

A little too low-key for the party, but he’s filling that shirt out nicely enough. Bring some color next time. You’re a superhero now.

Zoë Kravitz and Jason Momoa

Just another Nerd Girl, taking her step dad to Comic-Con.

Sorry, we know we’re supposed to yell at him for not dressing up enough, but he’s scorching hot and besides, this picture is too adorable for us to get cranky about it. Her pants are really cute.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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