Comic-Con 2018: “Doctor Who” Stars Mandip Gill, Jodie Whittaker and Tosin Cole

Posted on July 20, 2018

Ah, Comic-Con. The United Nations of Nerds has commenced once again, which means the next few days will see the release of a hurricane of teasers and trailers and press releases to appeal to the pop culture-consuming masses, while we get to pick through the somewhat dicey fashion offerings on display.

Aw, we’re just teasing. Comic-Con shouldn’t be about fashion, but it should be about image-making, which means how you present yourself when you’re promoting your show or movie matters, but not necessarily in the chic, trendy or conventionally stylish sense.

Anyway, these guys did okay:

We’re not a hundred percent on the print Mandip’s wearing, if only because the colors are kind of muddy. But we like the overall style, even if it does seem a bit heavy for San Diego in July. Tosin’s completely on point for Comic-Con – and looks pretty low-key cute. Kudos on keeping your kicks so immaculate in that setting. Jodie made an interesting choice to dress a little dramatically. It’s not that she necessarily stands out as the star so much as she looks like their leader, which is about as on point as she could’ve gotten with this appearance. We like the sheer hoodie (believe it or not), but we’re not in love with the pointy-toed whatevers she’s got on her feet. We’d have rec’d something a little more casual and less witchy.

A bunch of people were asking us our opinion on the trailer that dropped:




But to be honest, it doesn’t give us much to go on except for Jodie’s Yorkshire accent, which is totally charming. We’d have loved just a bit more to chew on, but it’s not like we really need any encouragement. We’re DYING to see her in the role and if nothing else, none of the pre-air promotional material has given us any reason to believe she’s going to be anything but fantastic in it. Fall can’t come soon enough.

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages – Video Credit: BBC America via]

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