“Orange is the New Black” Stars Dascha Polanco, Kate Mulgrew and Taylor Schilling at the Turn It Into Art Opening Party 2018

Posted on July 26, 2018

Two things:

First, Orange is the New Black’s new season drops tomorrow and while it’s not exactly a return to glory, it is a slightly welcome direction for a show that had gotten stale and just a little silly. We’ll have a season review up next week.

Second, these gals look pretty great! Sorry if we sound surprised, but if you knew anything about their red carpet histories, you might be a little surprised too.

Three great semi-casual summer looks, well suited to their individual wearers.




Taylor’s dress is the cutest of the three, but the fit in the waist is pretty awful. A belt’s out of the question so a bit of an adjustment was called for here.



We really hate the highly visible zippers, but if you’re going to choose a dress that sports a considerable number of them, we’re afraid it’s best to keep the pockets zipped up for picture taking. For that matter, we think the dress would sit better if she zipped it up to the neck. Also, a belt would not be a terrible idea.


Honestly? This might be the best she’s ever looked on a red carpet. Girlfriend has some seriously dicey style choices in her past. But this looks great. The fit’s just right, the texture is photogenic and gives it some richness, and the color looks great on her. Love the pale pink mani/pedi, which sets off that rust color really well.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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