Comic-Con 2018: The Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Trailer Had Some Surprises

Posted on July 23, 2018

This trailer turned out to be something of a pleasant surprise. We knew they were hooking up with the Enterprise this season and we knew that Anson Mount had been (somewhat brilliantly) cast as Captain Pike, a role formerly held by Jeffrey Hunter and later, Bruce Greenwood.

What we didn’t expect was a surprising commitment to lightening the hell up after a rather dour and dire inaugural season:



We checked in on the show twice during its first season; both times cautioning against taking some of the louder criticisms to heart. As problematic as the series seemed to be out of the gate, it was very much of a piece with Trek history, since pretty much every show in the franchise (and quite a few of the films) started out roughly before finding their footing. And while we make absolutely no predictions as to whether the series has sufficiently course-corrected for its second season, we’re struck by how fun this all looks and by how much the rest of the ensemble is being punched up a bit, making this seem slightly less like The Michael Burnham Story and a bit more like a classic Star Trek show.

But we’re shallow fashion queens, so we have to admit the Number One reason for shining a spotlight on this: The classic costumes of the OG Enterprise crew have been beautifully updated.



We hate the silly half-collar and we find ourselves slightly amused that, like pretty much all Star Trek costumes, it gives even the fittest men a slight paunch, but that’s a crisp, colorful update that bridges the gap between the original series aesthetic and the Discovery aesthetic.






[Photo Credit: Star Trek via Tom and Lorenzo – Video Credit: Star Trek via]

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