Carla Gugino, Pablo Schreiber and Neve Campbell at the “Skyscraper” New York Premiere

Posted on July 11, 2018

The co-stars of that movie we have no intention of ever seeing came out to celebrate its premiere, darlings. Since we’re not going to buy a ticket, the least we could do is offer our opinions on their outfits, wouldn’t you say?


Carla Gugino

Normally we might find the butt-ruffle a bit unnecessary, but given the type of movie this is, not to mention how relatively plain the rest of the dress is, we find ourselves not minding it too much. It just needs to be reduced in size by about a third. It’s the sandals that truly bug. The color and style are completely wrong.

Pablo Schreiber in Etro

Big kudos to him for choosing an unconventional suit. It’s a shame the fit is off in the shoulders and chest. It’s giving him ladyhips.



Neve Campbell in Barney Cheng

Not to be total bitches about it or anything, but she doesn’t get the chance to walk that many big-budget premiere red carpets, so we can appreciate why she’d want to glam it tf up. Personally, we think there are fresher ways to do a glittering Hollywood look than this. The style comes off a bit aging to our eyes. And we can’t say we love the mismatched metallics or the abundance of design elements. A little editing is called for.

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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