Ansel Elgort Pouts at the Polo Red Rush Launch Party

Posted on July 26, 2018

Since we’d never want any man-oriented kitten to feel left out, we try and find a range of types for you to gaze at when you need a moment to take in something pretty. We, being stereotypical sorts of gays, tend to go for the big strapping types, but we know that some of y’all just want a little pile of petulance, because the infuriatingly self-indulgent mopey types just get your motor running.

You poor things.

Anyway, here’s Le Petit Prince of Pouting:

We’re teasing because we’re bitches. For all we know, he’s the sweetest, most humble and self-effacing guy you could ever meet. In which case we’d have to admit he’s astonishingly good at keeping it off his face.

Anyway, we kind of love this jacket. We’re not a hundred percent on the rest of his style choices, but that one piece is good enough to make the look.



Style Credits:
Polo Ralph Lauren Striped Cricket Blazer

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages,]

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