Amandla Stenberg and Mandy Moore at “The Darkest Minds” Screening

Posted on July 27, 2018

Amandla and Mandy went in two totally different style directions for this one, but we kinda think it makes a bit of sense when you get a load of the trailer for the film. Amandla’s the rebellious super-teen hero and Mandy is the Benevolent Grownup. At first glance, anyway. So, in perfect harmony with their portrayals, Amandla came in something a little goofy and showy while Mandy went for her usual brand of awkward pretty that flirts with being matronly.



Amandla Stenberg in Mulberry

Y’know? We don’t hate this as much as you might think, although it’s the idea that has possibilities more so than the outfit itself, if that makes any sense. The loungewear trend is a little played out – and it was never our fave to begin with. The color is pretty hideous and we have an extreme dislike of the pants cuff and the exposed belly. But we do think she’s particularly well-suited to work an upscale tracksuit or pajama-inspired look for the red carpet. Mulberry’s a respectable label, but the style, color and textile do not speak of high-end wear, we’re afraid.


Mandy Moore

We have a tendency to dislike tiered dresses. And the trim is both too folksy for our tastes, as well as over-deployed. It should’ve been restricted to the straps and the waist. But this is one of her better looks in a while, even if it comes off a bit awkward to our eyes. The makeup doesn’t look so great and the bag doesn’t feel quite the right style for this dress, but we have to begrudgingly admit, this is working pretty well for her. Or at least, better than most of her red carpetry.

Yes, that was a bit backhanded of us.



Style Credits:
Amandla Stenberg: Mulberry ‘Molly’ Blouse and ‘Lillie’ Trousers in Saffron from the Spring 2018 Collection

[Photo Credit: ABC/Randy Holmes – Video Credit: 20th Century Fox via]

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