Red Carpet Rundown: The Male Finery on Display at the 2018 ESPY Awards

Posted on July 19, 2018

Even though we don’t quite get the chance to cover them as much as we probably should, we have a special place in our fashion-loving hearts for the sports dudes, because they spend their working days stuck in uniforms and when they get the opportunity to show off their fine selves, they tend to go a little wild with it. The results may not always be what we’d call conventionally male-chic, but they’re never dull, and that’s not nothing. Gentlemen? Start your engines.



Chris Long


Except the mismatched pants. They’ll have to come off immediately.



JaVale McGee

Sir, we love your rose floral skinny pants and we think your velvet slippers are probably the only correct shoe choice to pair with them, but we’re afraid we have to draw the line at your horrific fanny pack.



Jay Ajayi

It starts off well but like so many of these efforts, it starts falling apart as you scroll down.



JuJu Smith-Schuster

This is kind of adorable.


Kyle Kuzma

It’s impeccable and head-turning, but we can’t help thinking it looks a little too ’50s doo-wop singer.



Melvin Ingram

The white piping in combination with the chains give it a slightly unfortunate lady undertone, but we really like the idea of this look. Ditch the piping and we’d think it fun.



Mike Daniels

Another case of “good jacket, questionable pants and shoes.”

Odell Beckham Jr.

We guess we shouldn’t be surprised a bunch of athletes are rocking these formal shorts looks.

Orlando Scandrick

And who knew so many of them could crush the grandma’s-couch florals?

Terrell Owens

Not that there’s anything wrong with conventional summer suiting worn well. He looks great working all these blues at once.



Terry Rozier

Possibly our favorite look of the night. Love the graphic shirt with the bold blue and the white kicks. It comes together nicely.

Travis Kelce

Do we have a problem with a big slab of man in a tiny little suit? Not necessarily, but given the boldness of the textile, a slight bit of breathing room would be helpful here. Also: the footwear’s entirely wrong but you could say that about 75% of these looks.

Trevor Jackson in Sean John

Not surprised an actor took a more conventional approach, but this is kind of half-assed. The boots are all wrong and those pants could’ve used a belt.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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