Hugh Jackman Covers GQ Australia’s June/July Issue

Posted on June 06, 2018

Hugh Jackman covers the June/July 2018 issue of GQ Australia magazine photographed by Ben Watts.




On his industry of late: “Making it as an actor is bloody hard – I know that. I remember it seemed almost impossible at times, you think it’s never going to happen. So to then add all this to it for someone is unthinkable and disgusting. And for my money, there should never, ever be an audition again without a third person present, there should never be a meeting in a hotel room. You can call it a hotel room, but essentially it’s a bedroom, right? So why would you ever need to have a meeting there?”

On enjoying acting now: “To be completely honest, I’m enjoying acting more now than ever before. Because I feel excited about it. I feel at home on a stage and comfortable on film – which has taken a while to get to. I can broadly say the first 10 years on film felt stilted. I was sometimes a little nervous and it stopped my enjoyment of it all. So it’s taken me a little while to feel comfortable – like 10 years – but I do now and I’m lucky and blessed to have had the chances I’ve had. Some people bomb out early – I had a few lucky turns that gave me more chances. I’m lucky, you know. I am. I really am.”


[Photo Credits: Ben Watts/GQ Australia]

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