Style File: Zoey Deutch Out and About in NYC

Posted on June 14, 2018

Miss Zoey is still out here, doing the damn work and poledancing like crazy for her rom-com, which is unlike virtually all rom-coms ever made because the trailer for it got us to say, “Hey, we might catch that,”  – and trust us, when pretty white cishets are hooking up in adorable, well-lit ways, we normally tend to switch the channel so fast the remote catches fire.

We haven’t truly loved anything she’s been wearing on this promo tour, but we really appreciate how bold, colorful and declarative it all is, even as she’s switching the styles up constantly. You could never look at one of her outfits and say “Didn’t she wear something like that the other day?”



Case in point. Girlfriend’s sporting what looks to be a chartreuse leather moto suit. While that very description sends our stomachs lurching, we can’t deny the look, awkward though it may be, is pretty damn strong and unforgettable. We might get behind it if the fit was a little better and the color not quite so nauseating. But it does look kind of great with the straight hair and aviators. A different sort of Cool Girl look.

Next up: Zoey veers wildly!


Yeah, no. That’s hideous.

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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