Style File: Zoey Deutch in Wolk Morais and Valentino

Posted on June 13, 2018

Miss Zoey’s got herself a cute rom-com (with an even cuter co-star) coming out, and if you’ve been studying here at the T Lo International School of Poledancing then you know what that means, darlings! Cute, strong, photogenic outfits for every hour of the day!

Zooey, please step into the judging circle, girl!


Zoey Deutsch in Wolk Morais at BUILD Series in NYC

Oof. We are not off to a great start, dear. We hate to have to say this, but we fear someone has to be the one to stand up and make it clear, so it may as well be us: The ladytux trend needs to quiet down now. Much as we love a good pantsuit, the very 2018 idea of doing a twist on formal menswear has now played out in every possible iteration, both fabulous and … not so much. This is, unfortunately, going to have to be classified as the latter. It’s too layered and sloppy-looking for this time of year. The creamy white tries to give it a casual, breezy effect but it’s all coming off like Charlie Chaplin resort wear.

Not our fave, unforch.


Zoey Deutch in Valentino at Netflix’s “Set It Up” Special Screening in NYC

Mmmm…. newp. We want to, but it seems to us Betty Gilpin did a much better take on this sort of dress/pantsuit hybrid just a couple weeks ago. We give the design a little credit for being visually interesting and a bit ambitious, but there are too many elements at play here, not least of which is a textile that seems a bit too stiff and heavy for what it’s being asked to do. The collar/cuffs also seem like a bit of a distraction from what should be a bit more pared-down of a design. Edit them out, consider taking the belt/sash away, tone down the flare of the skirt, and maybe this would all come together. Right now it’s all just a tiny bit too much.






Style Credits:
First Look: Wolk Morais Ensemble from the Spring 2018 Collection | Stuart Weitzman Shoes
Second Look: Valentino Ensemble from the Resort 2019 Collection

Styled by Elizabeth Stewart | Hair by Jennifer Yepez | Makeup by Vincent Oquendo

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, Courtesy of Miu Miu, – Video Credit: Netflix via]

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