Style File: “Cloak & Dagger” Stars Olivia Holt and Aubrey Joseph at the 2018 Monte Carlo TV Festival

Posted on June 20, 2018

In the interest of promoting fresh new faces who happen to also be working hard to look stylish (and also because content pickins’ are light today), let’s check in on the two stars of the new Cloak & Dagger series, which Tom lightly reviewed and lightly recommended in our latest podcast. Given the nature of the show they’re promoting (Marvel super-characters) and the nature of the characters they’re playing (she’s got light-based powers; he has darkness-based ones), we feel a little salute of their efforts for being both stylish and thematically appropriate as a way of branding is in order. Kids? Step into the judging circle, please.




Here we see them sticking fairly closely to the whole light-and-dark theme, although part of that could just be a consequence of menswear trending toward dark colors and womenswear trending toward light ones at this time of year. Still, we don’t think it’s entirely an accident or coincidence, either. Of the two of them, we have to say we’re far more partial to his look, which has shape, pattern and real style to it. He’s young enough to get away with boots and jeans on the red carpet, especially since everything’s so well-chosen and put together.

As for her look, we don’t hate it, but the shape is a little goofy, with the blouson top tucked into a skirt that comes right up to her bust. Can’t say we’re crazy about the skirt fabric either. And those shoes are kind of awful. Girl, this is a whole lot of look. Let’s see how you did when it come time for something a little dressier…

Oof. You almost had it, dear. They’re still sticking lightly to a dark-and-light theme, but they’re not being strict about it. It’s more notable how much they’re both eschewing color in their promo looks.


This is pretty great.



This could’ve been gorgeous, but that sheer skirt over lace boxer shorts is just horrifying. And it started off so well, with that pretty cute top half and a well-styled head. It’s a bit early to make broad assessments, but we’re thinking this gal could use some stricter guidance in her style choices.




Style Credits:
Olivia Holt’s Second Look: Georges Hobeika Embellished Ensemble from the Spring 2017 Couture Collection | Salvatore Ferragamo Bag | Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes
Styled by Lindsey Dupuis Bledsoe

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, Courtesy of Georges Hobeika]

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