Sarah Jessica Parker Plays Things Way Down at the “Divorce” Emmy FYC Event

Posted on June 05, 2018

These shots have been sitting in a folder for a couple of days and we’re thinking now is the perfect time to take a break from CFDA coverage and give them a minor bit of the spotlight. Why? Because Sarah Jessica is learning how to relax and that’s a good thing.



To be fair, this might be just a skosh underplayed. She looks like a mom who was in the middle of some me-time shoe shopping who just realized daycare was closing in 20 minutes, spat out her credit card number, and ran out of the store wearing the pair she wasn’t even sure about.


Miss Sarah has long struggled with the Carrie Bradshaw legacy and it seemed to us like she felt compelled to serve up some pretty cray, unflattering, but highly discussable fashion on the regular, the cumulative effect of which gave the impression she was trying too hard to hold on to something. Maybe it was the recent falling out with co-star Kim Catrall and the subsequent realization that CB was almost certainly good and done as part of her life, but we’ve sense a real pulling back on the style reins in the last half-year or so. She seems content to show up in venue-appropriate looks that simply don’t ask too much of her and don’t offer too much to the public. Just Sarah, plain and not-so-tall (except for the sparkly shoes, which you’ve gotta give a girl now and then).



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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