RED CARPET SHOWDOWN OF THE WEEK: Trevor Jackson vs. Janelle Monáe

Posted on June 29, 2018

Darlings, it’s a PRIDE-filled showdown this week as two unlikely combatants face off to taste the rainbow. Also, because it was a pretty shallow week for red carpet pickin’s, if we’re being fatally honest here. But since Pride month comes to an end this weekend, and since Miss Janelle and Miss Tessa came out as a couple to cap it all off, this makes a fairly on-point showdown all things considered.



T’s Pick: Trevor Jackson in Libertine at the BET Awards 2018.

T’s Defense: Okay, hear me out, kittens. Because I know you’re all primed to give this one to Janelle. Let me just say this: How often do you get to reward a young male star for stepping out in a suit that’s not only fine in the conventional sense; not only FOINE in the somewhat baser sense, but also glittery, colorful, expressive and joyous, to boot? It is your responsibility to send a message to all dudes that we love them even more when they fly their fabulous flag. 



Lo’s Pick: Janelle Monáe in Nicolas Jebran at the BET Awards 2018.

Lo’s Defense: Please. My Queen is wearing a rainblow flag ballgown and carrying a UFO purse that lights up. I really don’t see the need to explain why that needs to be rewarded. 


There you have, it darlings! Color! Shimmer! Pride! Joy! It’s all there! And now YOU get to decide who did it better:

Who won the red carpet showdown for the week of June 24th, 2018?

Trevor Jackson in Libertine
Janelle Monáe in Nicolas Jebran



Style Credits:
Trevor Jackson: Libertine Sparkly Multicolored Striped Suit from the Spring 2018 Collection

Janelle Monáe: Alice + Olivia ‘Arabella‘ Embroidered Gown
Styled by Alexandra Mandelkorn | Hair by Nikki Nelms | Makeup by Jessica Smalls

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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