Pop Style Opinonfest: High Fashion, High Drag, High Stress

Posted on June 22, 2018

Oh, yes. We went there.





Look, we would love nothing more than to avoid the practically guaranteed shitshow that will come our way by discussing the First Lady’s clumsy and obvious trolling (still fending off angry replies for talking about it on social media yesterday), but it’s literally one of the biggest fashion stories of the year and we’ve made whatever name we’ve made for ourselves by being people who can break down the meaning of a look and the message it’s trying to send. When the message becomes literal and the reaction ignites like wildfire, we feel like we’d be weirdly remiss by not bringing it up and hashing it out. Which we do, in great detail and without really holding back our true thoughts.

After wading through that shitshow, we return to the kinds of ladyfashion we’d much rather be discussing: High Drag. First, it’s another review of the latest episode of FX’s POSE, although it comes with some complaints and criticisms this time; mainly about the show’s odd tonal shifts (which are par for the course with Ryan Murphy) and the kinds of creative choices that ask the audience to forgive more than accept.

And then it’s on to the MAIN EVENT:

We honestly didn’t think the Drag Race reunion was going to give us much to talk about, but Ru had to go and lean a little too hard on her Oprah act and it opened up a whole lot of questions about not only how Ru sees his role, but what the actual future of this show is going to be, now that it’s become about things much bigger than the average reality show can handle.



Heady stuff! But don’t worry: we throw in a lot of bickering and bitchery, just to keep things light, we promise. As always, we are extremely grateful for your support and your time, darlings! Tell your aunts and cousins about us!


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