Pop Style Opinionfest: Stand, Pose, and Deliver

Posted on June 15, 2018


A little bit of pop culture celebrity-based drama, a little bit of LGBT history, and a whole lot of talk about TV shows. In other words, it’s the usual T Lo kaffeeklatsch this week.

First, we dive lightly into the kerfuffle between Neil Patrick Harris and Rachel Bloom, which erupted this week because he tweeted some snarky things about her during the Tonys, apparently not realizing that she was famous and that they’d actually met a few times. She, not being the type to take something like that lying down (a fact we have direct experience with, which is why we brought all this up in the first place), confronted him about it on social media and then gave an interview about it wherein she shaded him pretty hard. And thus was the outrage machine fed for another 48 hours.

After that, it’s a quick check in on some of our latest Netflix obsessions, from the gloriously soapy Grand Hotel to the equally as soapy Riverdale. Also: a quick shoutout to Freeform’s Cloak & Dagger, the first two episodes of which turned out to be surprisingly strong.

Then, before we get into an unusually gushing recap of RuPaul’s Drag Race (in which the phrase “This is why the show wins Emmys” was tossed around quite a bit), we take some more time to plead with you all to watch Pose on FX, not just because it’s fabulous and highlights an important and long-ignored facet of the LGBT diamond, but because it also rather bravely shines a light on the gay community’s rather appalling behavior toward transgender people and POC. Ryan Murphy could’ve gotten away with nothing but shade and fingersnaps, but he used the setting of this show to speak to some unpleasant truths about our own semi-recent past as a community. But yes, it’s also fabulous and bitchy.

And speaking of fabulous and bitchy…


Darlings, we RAVED about this one. The season has been fairly lacklustre over all, but this one episode of the show reminded us why we fell in love with the first place and TOTALLY changed our minds about one of these queens, who we’d dismissed as inconsequential before now.



So dive right into a bracing pool of opinions and discussion, dolls! Thank you once again for all your support and don’t forget to tell your wig stylist and makeup artist all about us!


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[Photo Credit: VH1, FX via Tom and Lorenzo]


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