Michelle Pfeiffer in Saint Laurent at Marvel’s “Ant-Man and the Wasp” Premiere

Posted on June 26, 2018

Our modern culture’s obsession with boundless, endless youth has repercussions that reverberate all through society, in ways largely considered detrimental by, well, anyone who isn’t a member of The Youth, we guess. And as people who trade in frivolous, shallow, looks-based commentary day in and day out, we try to strike a balance and keep an eye on how and what we praise but JESUS CHRIST YOU GUYS SHE’S SIXTY DAMN YEARS OLD.


Forever WERQing that white gold.

Assessments of her youth-maintaining techniques aside, this sort of laid-back, minimalist, Aniston-esque approach to red carpet style seems to work really well for her. We don’t absolutely love the shape of it. The twist at the waist, which is placed kind of high, distorts her a little. Still, the style really works for her –  and we can’t really argue with any of the styling, from hair to hoops to chunky ring to sandals. We’d find all of this a little eyeroll-worthy on the aforementioned Jen, but that’s only because she’s been working it so long. This looks fresher on Michelle – and it’s a great way for her to navigate the modern superhero flick red carpet, which has changed a bit in the quarter century since she first put on a Catwoman costume.




Style Credits:
Saint Laurent Sleeveless Plunging Twist-Front Straight-Leg Metallic Silk Jumpsuit
Jennifer Fisher Hoops
Rona Pfeiffer Pave Spike Necklace and Sapphire & Diamond Shield Ring

Styled by Samantha McMillen | Hair by Richard Marin | Makeup By Brigitte Reiss-Andersen

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, farfetch.com]

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