James Harden Commands Attention at the Valentino Menswear Show

Posted on June 21, 2018

Because the world remains a stress-filled shitshow, we’ll continue the practice we’ve been falling back on for the last several mornings: Easing you (and us, your lazy hosts) into the day with some shots of a beautiful man working bold, colorful high fashion. Jared and Jeff, thank you for your service. James, you have the floor. Or in this case, the sidewalk.


Considering he’s in head-to-toe Valentino, with a front row ticket to a Valentino show in one of those pockets presumably, it’s pointless to opine as to whether he’s appropriately dressed, although we don’t love the casualness of the shorts. Still, it’s a look. And it’s one that suits him particularly well, both because it’s so colorful and it because it’s essentially high-end activewear. We wouldn’t even consider attempting to pull any of these pieces off, but he’s WERQing them.



Style Credits:
Valentino Ensemble Featuring a Hawaiian-themed Jacket and a Matching Camp-collar Embellished Printed Cotton-poplin Shirt
Valentino Garavani Rockrunner Camouflage-print Canvas, Leather and Suede Sneakers


[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, mrporter.com]

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