Helen Mirren in Dolce&Gabbana at the Royal Ascot 2018

Posted on June 25, 2018

And thus does our trifecta of Monday Morning fabulosity complete itself. We gave you Janelle in queer space finery and a Game of Thrones wedding that ended in laughter instead of slit throats, so it seems correct to offer one final push into Monday with Queen Helen of the island nation of Fuckinfantastica, serving up pure Ascoty goodness with flair and a grin.


We don’t love her predilection for D&G florals, since they tend to come off mumsy on her, nor do we think fascinator-style hats are really the best sort of style choice for her. But this is Ascot and not only is Queen Helen coming correct in all matters of style, but she’s offering up some perfect shots for the press, in the manner of a movie star who knows what she’s doing. Miss Lady even wore the right heels for walking on grass, which is a thing we don’t see enough of among the celebrity class, who tend to wear the most impractical shoes possible for any setting. None of this really represents the best kind of style for her, nor is it our favorite sort of look, but it’s hard to claim that she’s not working the shit out of it or that she doesn’t look great for pictures.



Style Credits:
Dolce&Gabbana Floral Print Dress
Lock & Co. Hat

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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