Meghan Markle Debuts Her Official Duchess of Sussex Style in Carolina Herrera at the Trooping the Colour Ceremony

Posted on June 09, 2018

T to Lo in the early hours of Saturday morning: “Wake up! There are Duchesses in carriages and big hats!”


It’s just as we said when she made her semi-official debut at Prince Charles’ birthday celebration: She’s not going to be making wild or glamorous style decisions. This is a period for classic elegance and not rocking the boat. She’s proving to the world, not to mention her new home country, that she’s got the goods and she’s right where she belongs.


Having said that, there were a few grumblings about her baring her shoulders and upper arms for an official day event. Sources vary on whether that’s a no-no, but once again we are struck by the similarities in the way her every fashion move is critiqued on the grounds of propriety and the way people reacted to Michelle Obama when she became first lady. We are STILL talking about women’s arms as if they were scandalous. Or, to be more accurate, we’re still talking about it when certain types of women have the audacity not to hide them.


Anyway, it’s a very pretty, if understated look. She is going to follow the Cathy Cambridge mode of duchess dressing for the foreseeable future, so we should all get used to it.

One thing we’re always going to love about her is the way her hair is always threatening to misbehave. It says a lot while at the same time being kind of endearing.


Style Credits:
Carolina Herrera Off-the shoulder Top and Matching Skirt
Philip Treacy Hat

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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