Dior Homme Fashion Show Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on June 25, 2018

Darlings, let’s judge all the shabbily dressed celebs at the Dior Homme show very harshly! Why? Because T Lo’s getting a bit sick of everyone treating the menswear shows like they’re being held in a Home Depot parking lot, that’s why!



Bella Hadid

Hmph. Thing is, it’s the houses that are determining the dress code and more or less supplying the outfits, so we can’t really get mad at any of these folks for dressing as they were told to. This is okay,we suppose. The fabric seems kind of flimsy and the fit’s not all that great, but both of those things appear to have been themes for the event, going by the rest of the people there.



Christina Ricci

Does this say “Dior front row” to you? Because it’s saying “Regional Director of Sales” to us. Yes, it’s technically a tux, but still. There’s low-key and then there’s practically nondescript.



Colton Haynes

We’ll take those kicks, but he can keep the rest of it. Again, the suiting here appears to be a little cheap. Or it looks it, anyway. Not just lightweight, but almost flimsy-looking. And the fit isn’t any better here.



Darren Criss

We are offended.




Trust a goddamn drag queen to know how to dress for a Dior show. She’s putting everyone else to shame.



Gwendoline Christie

It’s not setting us on fire, but at least she’s not underdressed or wearing a shitty suit. Love the beret.



Joe Jonas

Whatever. We’re sure this was all perfectly acceptable to the folks at Dior but we find it a little depressing that celebrities sit in the front row of a Dior show looking like they just got off their shifts at the mini-mart. Cool kicks, though.



Rita Ora

Miss Rita went her own way and for that, we are grateful. We are not, however, grateful for the medical devices passing themselves off as footwear. And much as we love the PRIDE pedi, it’s hellaciously distracting.



Robert Pattinson

OH THANK GOD. Honestly, given how good Dior Homme has been to him (and vice versa) we would have been deeply upset if R Patz showed up in sweats and sneakers. Looks like someone still remembers what the brand is supposed to represent. We don’t know if we’ve ever pointed this out before, but when he’s dressed up, Pattinson’s shoe game is one of the best among male stars. He always sports the most impeccable and perfectly matched pair of dress shoes with his lewks. Such a thing is distressingly rare among the boystar set.
[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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